The Mariana Trench of CodeWars

The Mariana Trench of CodeWars

We're going deep, baby.

There you are, a cute little baby developer, standing on the shore of CodeWars.


Ahead of you, you must traverse the muddy tideflats of the instructions...


Before you can enter the dark blackness of the blank slate that is your workspace.


You pause... dare I say, freeze? .. staring at the blackness in front of you...


and you wonder...

Where do I begin?
What were the instructions again?
Where am I?
🎵 How did I get here? 🎵


Seriously though - what do you do??

In this series - the Mariana Trench of Codewars - I'm going to throw you an oxygen tank and slowly, carefully lead you through various Codewars challenges. We'll break down the problem, describe the methods used and why, and if you follow along, you'll resurface with a deeper understanding than you dove in with.


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