Cooking, Coding and Caring

Cooking, Coding and Caring

Introducing #100DaysOfCodeAndCare ! Let's cook up something new.

EDIT: This post was written in September 2021. In October 2021, I was diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma. Clearly I didn't get through 100 days of this new challenge I set for myself. I'm leaving this post up for prosperity but... no wonder I was having trouble balancing my health and studies!

If you have a long-term but mild cough, and rapid heartbeat for no apparent reason, go to the doctor! Maybe you're out of shape from studying, but maybe it actually is cancer. Can't feel a lump if it's inside your lung.

On another hand - it's good to see that we try new things and there are fits and starts and pivots in our journeys! We just keep going.

Hello readers!

The Hashnode bootcamp "The Art and Science of Technical Writing" has been a really lovely intro into the world of tech blogging. The prompts have been inspirational, and Sam Sycamore is a fantastic host. I love hearing about everyone's unique journeys.

Thanks to the Hashnode bootcamp, I've been cooking up some ideas for my blog...

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Coding is hard. Career changing is hard. Caregiving is hard. Covid is hard.

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While learning to code, it's easy to let caring for yourself fall behind...

but it inevitably catches up and negatively effects your ability to get through a tough season.

The stew of our life can bubble over or burn.

So ...

introducing ...


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On Twitter, I'll be sharing what I'm learning and how I'm caring for myself through the journey. I'll keep it short and sweet there, then each weekend I'll blog in more detail about how my week went, what I learned, and my adjustments for the next week. And so on.

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It will be eclectic, learn-as-I-go, as that is how my life is. Along with my coding journey, you'll probably get some recipes, some yoga video links, some photos of my favorite hikes, links to inspiring podcasts or poetry, and music that hit me hard. I'm sure there will be some struggles and bad days in there too.

I hope you'll also share yours with me.

Who knows? Maybe by day 100, around the beginning of the new year, we'll have a crowdsourced resource of inspiration, learning techniques and health tips, ready to help the next round of #100DaysOfCodeAndCare.

Coding is fun, challenging, and can be all consuming. We need community and health to keep us strong.

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Life is wonderful and precious.

You are wonderful and precious.

Let's Do This!

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